Our Staff

He is very harmless, unless he has a water balloon. He loves to throw water balloons and use squirt guns. He makes little water puddle messes all over the house.

President - Mr. Gigglester - Most mischievous monster around. He likes to play jokes on boys, girls, and every monster he sees. Many monsters have been known to run when they see Gigglester or anything that looks like Gigglester.

Marketing - Ms. Spike - Highest energy monster found to date. Spikes tongue is normally found sticking out like a hot dog. Spike loves to use her round body and roll around, and Spike loves to jump when she is excited. Sometimes Spike does not realize how much she is moving and runs into walls. Last year, Gigglester scared Spike at a monster party, and Spike jumped so hard she got stuck in the ceiling.

If you see little holes in the wall or ceiling, Spike might have been excited in your house.

Programmer - Mr. Fraidy Cat - Is scared of people, monsters, and his own shadow. In monster school, Fraidy Cat took a class on how to scare others. The first day in class, Fraidy Cat had to try scaring the teacher. Right after saying "Boo", Fraidy Cat got scared, ran out of the room, and never went back.

Fraidy Cat came up with an idea to use his new iPhone and make Go Away Monster. When it got ready to test the application, the scare button frightened Fraidy Cat, and his friend Manny had to complete the program.

If you catch a Fraidy Cat with Go Away Monster, we recommend you Launch him back to Monster Land. Scaring him may cause a little mess on the floor.